Thoughts Per Mile

Luckily for me, the weather today was much better than yesterday. The sun was out, the temps were up slightly, and the wind wasn’t as strong. So I laced up my shoes and went out for my first(!) double digit run in this training cycle.

Mile 1: Woo, okay feeling good. Going a little fast but I should be able to keep this pace for the next 9 miles.

Mile 2: Ooh! The lake looks pretty. I should snap a picture (it’s a little blurry…)

2016-04-05 13.02.31

Mile 3: Where is this trail? It’s supposed to be right here. Pace still feeling good, running about 15s off race pace.

Mile 4: Found the trail. Geese are the enemy. Almost halfway.

Mile 5: …I’m only halfway.

Mile 6: Geese are still the enemy. Make it to 7 miles and you can have a piece of gum.

Mile 7: I wish I brought my chapstick.

Mile 8: Less than 25 minutes of running left.

Mile 9: How am I still not done?!

Mile 10: *dies*

By the time I finished, my pace per mile was about 30s off of anticipated race pace so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I cooled down with a quarter mile walk/dynamic stretch before heading inside.

Once home, my post-long run routine is to grab some Gatorade, a blueberry muffin (I’m on the hunt to find my favorite!), stretch, and sit with my legs up the wall. So I turned on the Kardashians (judge me.) and did just that. Until I realized how sweaty & cold I was and it was time to shower.

What’s your post-run routine like? Do you have the same snack after every run or do you switch it up? 

How do you feel about geese? 


One thought on “Thoughts Per Mile

  1. If I run in the evening and I’m getting dinner I don’t have much of a ritual besides stretching and showering. I’ll have a big glass of 2% milk mixed with some vega protein. I try to have carbs before the run and protein after.


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