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April (Snow) Showers & Meez Meals!

Here is a picture of my dog, a dog I saw while driving, and a water bottle my dad and Lynn got me. There are no pictures the rest of this post so… sorry.

Oh, happy Monday. I’m currently out of work so… today really is a happy Monday.

I woke up super early (no really, I did – 5:45am) and was able to have two cups of hot coffee, a delicious and easy breakfast (1 maple + brown sugar oatmeal packet + 1/2 cinnamon coffee cake muffin from Target and a clementine), and I caught up on the shows I missed last night because I went to the Bulls game!

After I let my food digest, I decided to brave the weather and head out for my first double digit training run. Well, I was brave until I actually got outside. And it was 34F, windy, and flurrying (IN APRIL!!!!). “I can do this…” I thought as I turned my Garmin on.

Nearly 3 miles in and I had had enough. The wind was blowing from every direction, the snow picked up a bit, I couldn’t feel my ankles (I wore ankle tights), and I was frustrated (I’m a baby, get over it). “This sucks,” and “OMG how much longer?!” kept running through my mind. I turned around and ended up with just over 5 1/2 miles on the day. Not bad but… well, you know. I’m hoping the weather tomorrow is a little

But after my disappointing run, I made a grocery run and a trip to my dermatologist to hopefully clear up this skin infection/reaction I’m going through right now. Ya know, because being on Accutane wasn’t enough, my skin decides 7 months post-treatment to react to something.

Tonight will be better though! I’m cooking my first dinner courtesy of Meez Meals – I’ve got a chicken, sweet potato, kale, and rice bowl with peanut sauce on the menu. I’m very excited to try this as I’ve never done a meal prep service before! And more importantly, Southern Charm is back on! I’m a sucker for Bravo.



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