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Exciting News – Sprang Break

Hi, everyone! I hope you all had a ham and chocolate-filled Easter Sunday. I DID! My mom made a copycat Portillos Chocolate Cake and it was delicious (though the secret ingredient really grossed me out and I really doubt I’ll be eating it again).

I have one really exciting thing to share — I PASSED MY RDN EXAM! — I’m officially a Registered Dietitian! I’ll be sharing all of the details (well, the details I can share) about the exam, the school-work, and the dietetic internship in a series of posts at a later date. I want to make sure I get all of the important stuff in there without glossing over anything. So stay tuned for that if you’re interested in becoming an RD.

So after passing the exam, I packed up and headed to Ft Myers Beach for some much needed spring break action with my family. The weather was hot for the most part and although the sun wanted to play hide + seek the few days I was there, the heat and relaxation was really great.

I managed to hit all of my training runs (3mi on Tues, 4.5mi Weds, 3mi Thurs) while gone and an additional 3 miles on the beach my last full day because why not?

On Wednesday, I ran up to the Tuckaway Bagel & Wafel Cafe where I met my sisters, Megan & Caitlin, and Megan’s boyfriend Kyle – if you’re ever on the beach and if you love bagel sandwiches as much as I do, GO THERE. It was amazing. The bagels were big and cheesy, the iced coffee is a perfect post-run pick-me-up (the coffee is locally roasted), and the atmosphere was really fun (see tree below + Bob Marley/Sublime songs the entire time). They also serve waffles (wafels? I’m unsure) which I’ve read are great and fresh smoothies which are perfect for a hot morning!

Aside from delicious bagels, Gulf-side dinners, and HM training runs, I didn’t really do a whole lot. It was great to get away but I was ready to come home and start applying for jobs and get back into the swing of things.

Saturday was full of traveling home – our flight was delayed an hour thanks to storms in northern FL – and dinner with Matt that evening so no long-run on Saturday. With Sunday being Easter, I missed (as in, didn’t plan for enough time) a long-run then but managed to get in a 10K in under 1h10m (nearly 20m faster than my B1G10K time in Summer 2015!!) and did 9mi this morning (Monday AM). The half is so soon!!

Well, that’s it for now. This post was kind of all over the place so… sorry for that! I’ll be publishing a post about my course-work required to start the RD process this week so be sure to comment if you have anything you’d like me to touch on in that post.


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